Leasing is one of the most efficient instruments for financing of the business development.

The benefits of getting equipment in leasing compared to other sources of credit are:

  • Leasing extends  the payment by installments for the whole period of the lease agreement, which is much more longer than any other terms of affordable credit in the Russian market;
  • Used in leasing coefficient of accelerated depreciation allows the lessee to transfer the value of the leased properly into the production costs;
  • The consideration of the application and the procedure of making a decision is faster compared to bank leading;
  • At the end of lease you get the fully depreciated properly for a nominal cost. It absolves you from the properly tax in the future.

The success of many embodied projects for supply of equipment has been made possible due to the leasing as well.

We have a great practical experience of cooperation with the leading leasing company UniCredit Leasing and can offer our customers the best service conditions.

UniCredit Leasing is one of the largest companies on the Russian leasing market. Its main activities include leasing of various types of vehicles, construction and industrial equipment, real estate, etc.