Chiron machining center (Germany)

CHIRON-WERKE GmbH & Co.KG Company has more than eighty years of experience in the field of precision mechanics and engineering. For more than three decades Chiron specializes in producing high-precision CNC vertical milling machining centers.


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Wide range of Chiron products is a solution to almost any problem. Due to its modular design, machining centers are produced in standard configuration as well as for custom orders.

For production of goods and details with high processing requirements Chiron offers 5-axis universal milling machining centers with MILL rotary spindle. This series is widely used in the aviation and automotive industry (processing turbine blades), power engineering, etc.

In the production of small batches and large-scale production Chiron machining centers and turnkey solutions reduce processing time by using the following facilities:

  • Unprecedented speed of a change tool system. Tool change time is 0.9 seconds,
    which saves up to 800 working hours per year;
  • Machines are equipped with turntable which provides a continuous cycle of workpiece processing;
  • Application of robotics in the workflow;
  • Creation of technological lines.

KSM is the Chiron sales representative in Russia.


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